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Your Guide to Proper Senior Dog Care

Dogs are popular pets. Majority of people have at least one dog. In comparison about 29% own at least one or more cats. After some time, you realize that your puppy has transformed to be a senior dog. Senior dogs have special challenges. This means that they require special treatment. Their activity level is different from vivacious puppies. They eat different food type. Read on to learn about caring for your senior dog.

The breed will determine the senior status of a dog. Breeds of dog that are smaller live longer compared to large ones. For example, the expectancy of a mastiff is averagely 7 years while a poodle has a lifespan of about 13 years. This indicates a 7 years age difference.

Vet trips matter a lot. There are some dogs that love to get in the car and enjoy going for a ride to the veterinary office. On the other hand, there are those who get car sick. However, the dog needs to go for regular checkup. This is vital despite the age to ensure your dog gets the best care. Health issues escalate as a dog gets to a specific age.

Also, you need to make adjustments to the activity level of your dog. When dogs are young, they tend to run around the house every time. However, they nap more as they age. It will be different to take a senior dog to go for a walk. However, they may still visit the local park after two years. They may also not like the park because of getting overwhelmed with the noise. You can take them for a walk every other day around the neighbourhood.

Also, consider a senior dog care diet is vital. Puppies need more fat. As dogs get old, they eat food that is less fattening. Many people see their dog as cute when they have a bit of extra fat. However, this does not suggest that you overfeed them. You need to be careful about table scraps. Occasional treats encourage begging.

You need to know when dogs get older, they can go blind. There are some that develop cataracts. They can also develop hearing that is selective. Talk to your vet to know how your dog can have an easy life. Also, for an elderly dog, you should consider spending more time together. Don’t be too stressed because dogs can pick on your mood.

It is more than normal to experience grief when you think about the life of your dog coming to an end.When the time is right, you can adopt another dog. You can also choose to rescue a senior dog. It may be rewarding to care for a dog that is elderly. Your experience will help you in caring for the dog. You also have the option of choosing a different pet.