Alibaba as a Global Economy Gamechanger

China is the world’s largest economy. This truth may stun a lot of Americans that believe the US economy is strong and the country is the giant of the world. Though these things may be true, it is ultimately inferior to China’s current status as an economic giant. Alibaba accounts for roughly 80% of Chinese product purchases, in country at least. 1.4 billion people later, and that means a shockingly high number of income established.

So when Alibaba went public in early 2014, the launch became a cultural juggernaut. On paper, Alibaba became officially larger than Ebay and Amazon- both extraordinarily powerful American companies. Even more, the company broke records- they made 2 billion in 24 hours.

So what does all this really mean? It means a number of things. It means the cultural idiom of the world economy has drastically changed. There is a new giant in the marketplace, and it has added some new credibility to a boisterous and rapidly growing country. It means opportunities. Americans and other citizens across the globe can capitalize on China’s new economic statement. They are no longer a country focused necessarily on exporting everything. They have established an insular economy. One that can both bank off exported items as well as in-country trading and buying. Alibaba is, in many ways, reflective of China’s next few decades.

The book Issa Asad Instant Profits with Alibaba explores these major considerations. What will Alibaba’s success mean on a global scale? Will this make the US even more dependent on China’s loans as well as exported inventory of goods? How will this affect trade prices?

Alibaba is an incredible thing to explore. The book ultimately covers how an indivisual in any country can profit from Alibaba’s enormous success. Interestingly, Alibaba is still much smaller than it could be over the next decade. The room to profit beyond one’s wildest dreams is still there because Alibaba’s infrastructure is still being established. Experts are detailing that Alibaba’s sales will reach 700 billion by 2017. Just two short years to go, and Alibaba will be larger than the top five largest companies combined.