I Can Now Offer My Customers Payments Again

I worked hard to get a veterinary degree so that I could be a helper in this world. Being a vet is a hard job, but it has many positive sides as well. Years ago, I wanted to give my clients the ability to make payments when they where short on money, but I soon found out that too many people skip out on paying their bill. It bothered me to stop offering installment payments, so I decided to offer it again. But this time, I employed the help of Professional Recovery Consultants Inc so they could deal with the clients who chose to do that when it comes to their bills.

I first began offering payments because I realized that not everyone always makes a lot of money, but they have pets they love very much. In many cases, the pet’s owner made enough money to care for their pets without any troubles, but they were soon laid off or a spouse died. This meant that they were going through a temporary tough time, and then tragedy would occur with their pet. Often, the pet is what helps keep an owner going during a tough period. So, offering them the ability to make payments on their vet bill for an emergency seemed very natural to me. But it was frustrating that so many people would look me straight in the way, state they would pay in full, gain my trust, and then I would never hear from them again.

It hurts to turn a client away, and this is especially true when the client has been a great customer for many long years. So, it was important to me to be able to offer payment plans. This time, each client is told that any unpaid debt will be turned over to the collection agency that I work now. It works well, and many clients follow through because of it.