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Tips for Buying Mexican Insurance Prior to Your Trip As any other car insurance contract, Mexican car insurance is a contract between the insured and the insurer. Upon agreeing to pay the premium, you automatically have the company’s commitment that they will shoulder your losses as indicated in the policy. Mexican car insurance covers property, responsibility and coverage. As property coverage, the company will take care of the costs of repairing damages or replacing the car when stolen; responsibility coverage pertains to legal responsibility over injuries or property damages coming from accident; and finally, medical coverage means the insurer will also take care of all financial damages, including the payment of lost wages as well as hospital and funeral costs. Mexican car insurance often has six areas of coverage. Some companies will make you get all, while others will recommend just a few. Moreover, liability is having to pay cash to parties besides yourself and your vehicle’s passengers. The component of culpability of the insurance includes damages that you may cause other vehicles or properties during the accident. It covers the treatment of injuries that you may have brought upon other parties. Let’s say you hit a total of two cars during a serious road accident in Mexico, and more than one or two people require medical assistance. Once they establish that you were legally responsible for the incident, you will have to reimburse all the hospital bills for the treatment of all the injured individuals, as well as the cost to repair their vehicle. Your insurance cover’s liability element, whether exclusively liability or full coverage, will take care of all of these costs up to the limits defined in the policy.
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In Mexico, the law dictates that you carry proof of liability from an insurance firm that operates in Mexico. Some American insurers may extend the coverage of complete and collision risks within a distance of the border, but this will not satisfy Mexican legal requirements. You should get liability only for Mexico cover at the very least. If you get in an accident in Mexico and you can’t show proof that you have the right cover, you will be imprisoned and your car impounded.
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That’s why you have to first ensure that you’ve got the right coverage before you actually go on that Mexican holiday. Just talk to an agent and you will know what you need specifically. They’re usually eager to give you suggestions, and they will actually know what is best for your situation. It’s still your call in the end, of course, but it always pays to take advice from an expert. On top of that, be willing to do some research. Getting Mexican car insurance should not be taken for granted because getting the wrong one can really be a source of trouble.