Companies that have Bulk Containers for Sale

Businesses and individuals use industrial or bulk totes to move hazardous items. These types of totes can carry large amount of materials that cannot be put in a regular landfill. For example, used and defective computer parts contain corrosive materials. Companies have bulk containers for sale that organizations can purchase to maintain items for disposal or transport. These totes consist of plastic coating, a metal cage and a pallet on the bottom. Industrial totes can hold between 275 and 330 gallons.

Typical uses for industrial totes include the transport of food, liquids, medicines, prescription drugs, and flammable materials. Any material that can cause harm to animals, the environment or other humans are great candidates for storage in these totes. Some organizations dispose of a large number of hazardous materials and have an ongoing need to keep a constant supply of these totes on hand. Refurbished or used totes are a better bargain than brand new ones. Depending upon the needs of the organization, refurbished totes are the best route.

When looking for available totes, it’s best to keep in mind what they’re going to be holding and used for. Some totes have government agency stamp of approvals, such as “FDA Approved.” This is essential for the transport and storage of food and perishable items, especially if others will eventually be consuming those food items. Non-food grade totes are available for materials that are not edible and for companies that do not have to adhere to FDA regulations.

Consider purchasing large totes and bulk containers from companies, such as Container Exchange. Since this is what these companies have expertise in, the employees will be able to make recommendations and suggestions. If you’re unsure of what types of totes you need, it’s best to get expert advice. Depending on your needs, you might want to consider other products these companies provide.

Other products that container companies provide include pallet containers, metal bins, wire baskets and stack racks. For perishable food items, insulated totes are the best way to go. Bulk containers serve well when distributing large quantities of product. If you’re a smaller, third-party distributor bulk totes can save money, space and prevent logistic problems.