Digital Videos-The New Way to Advertise

Remember when advertising was generally done through the yellow pages or through the television commercials?  Well, with the evolving world of technology, these types of advertising have become a thing of the past, with digital advertising on the rise!

What is digital advertising?

Today, businesses and manufacturers are displaying advertisements through the Internet, Facebook, on smart phones, and any other handheld media device.  Video streaming has become popular in advertising through music devices.

What happened to television advertising?

With the satellite companies such as Dish Network and Direct TV offering the DVR function, many people today are taking these companies up on this feature; viewing more recorded and delayed programming to avoid all the commercials!  Approximately 45% of the DVR users are watching regularly scheduled commercials, with the other percentage skipping through them! And the population using TiVo are missing even more of the advertisements!

Are people viewing more commercials on the computer?

Yes!  People who have access to a computer are connecting to media adapters and receivers, which puts many households viewing digital photos on their computer, watching movie trailers, and even listening to downloaded music via the computer instead of listening to programmed radio stations.

What are some other ways to advertise digitally?

There are a number of ways for marketing with digital advertisements through companies like NAF Digital such as:

Pop Up s on websites – These pop up ads appear in a smaller window that is displayed on the original website.  This type of advertising will alert the user to click on the pop up for additional information. 

Video advertisements are usually recorded on sites such as YouTube and these advertisements will play while the chosen video is downloading or during a break in the video. However, most video advertisements will have the option Skip Ad if the user chooses not to view.

Advertising can be spread through email and other online media.  This advertising is generally used within a social network, encouraging users to spread the word, forcing the advertisement to go viral.

Audio advertising is basically the way to advertise while streaming through podcasts and mp3 players.  

Advertising through electronic billboards is somewhat like the traditional billboard ads, however, electronic billboards displays a variety of messages that continually change within seconds.  These billboards can send out multiple advertisements throughout the day. These billboards can be changed relatively quickly to promote new messages, and sometimes advertisers will share the billboard, making this type of advertising very cost effective!

Is digital advertising more expensive than traditional advertising?

Statistics show that digital advertising is significantly more expensive than traditional advertising, such as through television and yellow pages; however, digital advertising has become a way of advertising that so many people and businesses thrive on.  The revenue generated by digital advertising as seen at is outweighing the high costs of the advertisement.

If you are in the marketing business, you may want to reconsider how you advertise! Can your business only afford the traditional advertisements? With new digital technology, you may want to spend the few extra dollars, since more people are looking at ads through technology, which will mean more revenue for your company!