Entering Canada With a DUI Conviction

One penalty most people don’t think of when they receive a DUI is whether they’re going to be able to enter Canada to relocate temporarily or permanently. A person who wishes to enter Canada with the intention of relocating is not going to be able to do this if they have a DUI conviction. This just one of the crimes that are checked for before a person is determined to be eligible to relocate. If they are going to be relocating, the person can speak with one of the Canadian DUI Lawyers for help.

  • Obtaining a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) – This is the option that should be chosen if the DUI conviction was within the last five years. It is decided on a case by case basis and the permit can allow a person to live in Canada for up to three years. It’s a good idea to apply at least a year ahead of a move to Canada as the process to be approved can be lengthy.
  • Apply for Permanent Rehabilitation – If the person is interested in permanently moving to Canada, they will need to apply for this type of waiver if their conviction is at least five years old. It’s possible to apply for a TRP at the same time so the person can move to Canada while their permanent waiver is being processed as it can take more than a year for the process to be completed.
  • A Deemed Rehabilitation Status – If the person’s only conviction is at least 10 years in the past, they may be considered rehabilitated and able to enter the country. It is a good idea to speak with a lawyer before relocating to ensure the relocation will proceed smoothly as there could be complications.

A DUI conviction can stop a visitor from entering the country, but those who will want to relocate to Canada permanently will need to plan far ahead of time to apply for the appropriate waivers. They should speak with a lawyer who is experienced in Canadian law and the steps necessary for a person with a criminal record to relocate to Canada. Even one DUI can mean the person is denied entry, so they will want to be careful about taking the right steps to enter the country lawfully.