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A Brief Introduction of Financial Derivatives A financial derivative is a security that is linked to another financial security in some way. Stocks and bonds are prime examples of financial derivatives. Financial derivatives come in many different types and varieties. These securities are quite versatile, and can be implemented in a large number of ways. Derivatives can insure against hedges, enlarge exposure to the movement of financial speculations, and even help in getting assets from markets that would otherwise be hard to trade. Below are three categories that derivatives can be classified under. First off, we have the category known as options. If there are contracts that allow securities to be purchased at a set price, those derivatives will fall under this category. More often than not, these derivatives will be utilized for the purpose of trading stock options. There are two subcategories that fall within the blanket of options, and those are call and put options. Put options will allow one to sell assets at a certain price within a certain time frame, while call options are the same but for buying assets. Second, there is the futures category. The difference between this and the aforementioned category is that futures contain a different underlying security. Financial securities can be purchased with derivatives that fall into this category, though the traditional use was more for buying and selling commodities. One can purchase a future with a specified interest rate. These derivatives can be used to promise to pay a certain price at a specified time in the future. Additionally, assets may be transferred to another part at a future date.
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Swaps are very much defined by the word “trade”. For the mutual benefit of two companies, assets will be traded between them. A certain asset might have aspects that are undesirable for one company at a certain point, but would be helpful to another at that same time. Assets of differing interest rates will be traded in this way so that each company is benefitted by the swap.
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Financial derivatives are a bit more complicated than the definitions presented by the categories they fall under. Derivatives come in many different forms, with very different nuances. Some can be very advantageous to have at certain point, whereas others are not so effective at a given point in time. The way in which assets are bought, sold, or traded, and the various ways in which this is beneficial can be understood more clearly with the help of the introductions to the main categories listed above. Hopefully this introduction into the world of financial derivatives will bring you enough of an understanding to pursue even more knowledge about them.