Getting Out of Debt in Thirty Six Months Can be Accomplished

Don’t renege on paying your debts if you’ve made arrangements to pay them off in a certain amount of time. If you’ve made an agreement, such as an Individual Voluntary Agreement for repayment of your debts, you’ll pay much less in interest and the total amount of your debt can be lowered. The payment will be made by an Insolvency Practitioner (IP). Each creditor will receive a certain amount from the IP until the debts are paid. He/She will speak to all your creditors on your behalf and if they all agree on the arrangement, within 36 to 60 months time, you can be out of debt.

Along with a set-up fee, each time a payment is made, there is a handling fee charge until all debts are gone. You can find a company authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to help people settle debts. One true blessing in all of this is that calls to your home at all hours of the day and night will stop. Every person has assets (things of worth, such as property, coins, home, furniture, cars, etc.) and every person usually has some type of income from a job, money coming in monthly from the government for a disability or some sort of retirement.

Most everyone has debts, which can be installment loans on vehicles or other items for the home, or on credit cards that have reached their limit and interest charged is now ten times more than the monthly payment. This is when the situation becomes extremely difficult to handle and individuals realize help is needed. Log on to and fill out the short form for help. You’ll see there are companies who can talk to the credit card companies and other creditors and arrange to have your debt reduced by up to 50%.

If it is found that your assets and income are not enough to manage the debt at 50%, it’s probably to your advantage to apply to the court and make yourself bankrupt. Your assets may be sold in order to pay off some of your debts, but, you’ll no longer be in debt and after one year is up, your debts may be canceled. As you can see, there are various ways to become debt free. It just takes some work and help.