How to Choose a Good Framing Nailer

A framing nailer is needed for heavy-duty projects such as flooring, roofing, and fencing. These types of projects require heavy nails and are used so the materials being used come together properly. This is why it is crucial builders choose a good framing nailer for the work they do. Those who are not familiar with framing nailers can learn more by reading through these hints.

  • There are two main types of nailing guns a person can choose from. Pneumatic nailers need to be attached to an air compressor. The vast majority of contractors use this type of nailer because it offers consistent power. There are also cordless nailers that can be used on DIY projects. Those who plan on using a nailing gun on a regular basis will most likely find a pneumatic nailer is most beneficial.
  • Another choice in nail guns is the type of nail magazine used. Coil types use round magazines and can hold a substantial arsenal of nails. Stick-style nailers are better for those working on smaller projects. The type chosen boils down to personal taste.
  • Those who own a compressor need to make sure they choose a pneumatic nailer that will operate with their compressor. The compressor should meet or exceed the requirements of the nailing gun. If the compressor does not offer enough pressure, the nail gun will not operate properly and could be dangerous to operate.
  • Buyers should look for extra features that will assist them in making their project easier. Some nailers offer nail size changes and jam-free operation. Buyers should also consider the weight of the nailer. Though five or six pounds may not seem like much weight, it can easily fatigue a person’s arm after long periods of use.
  • Reading through reviews of different nailers can allow buyers to find the right one for their needs. There are many reviews on the Internet that can give buyers all the information they need.

These tips can help people to find the right nailer for their needs. Checking the different features can allow people to ensure the one they choose will work for their project type.