Is a DUI Attorney Worth the Expense?

Many people question whether an attorney is really worth the expense when they’ve been arrested for a DUI. After all, the BAD (blood alcohol content) test has already revealed they were over the legal limit when they were arrested. Is there much an attorney can do? Actually, there is quite a bit a dui attorney somerville nj can do to help their client, despite the BAC test results.

Potential Penalties for a DUI

It’s helpful to understand the potential penalties a person is facing. For a first time DUI charge, they may be facing up to 30 days in jail, $250 to $500 in fines, a license suspension of three months to a year, and an IID (interlock ignition device) being required once they are able to drive again. If they have been convicted twice in the past, these penalties are now up to 180 days in jail, $1,000 in fines, up to 10 years with a suspended license, and the possibility of an IID being required. All arrests also come with $500 in additional penalties.

How a Lawyer Can Help

A DUI lawyer will look at all of the facts of the case to determine how they can help their client. In some cases, they may be able to prove proper procedures were not followed or the BAC was not calibrated properly, meaning it cannot be used as evidence. If this occurs, the charges against the person may be dismissed altogether. In other cases, the lawyer might be able to prove there isn’t quite enough evidence for a DUI, so the charges are lowered to a lesser offense that doesn’t have as severe penalties. If none of these apply to the case, the lawyer will work hard to ensure their client receives the minimum penalties instead of the maximum for their conviction.

A DUI lawyer can be seen as expensive, but hiring a person can help them save quite a bit of time, money, and hassles they might otherwise have to deal with. When the options are to face being found guilty and having severe penalties or having the chance for a far better outcome, it’s often worth the expense to work with a lawyer to try to get the better outcome.