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6 Questions You Should Ask To A Tax Accountant When you are in the process of deciding which tax accountant to hire you probably want to work with someone who can help you save serious amount of cash and get through major financial crisis. But the thing is, there are 6 important questions that you must ask to your prospect before coming up to a decision on which accountant to hire for your taxes. Question number 1. What sorts of clients you’ve been working with – you have to seek for accountants who’ve worked with previous clients who have same cases as yours. One basic yet, effective example is if you are a doctor, then it is strongly recommended that you work with an accountant who has thorough understand and knowledge on how to handle all your financial problems in your line of expertise. Question number 2. When are the times you’re available – you’ll need someone to look after your finance area round the clock when working. Having said that, whenever you are looking for accountants, get an accounting firm that’s available all the time to get the help you need when you’re in trouble. Question number 3. What are your strokes as being an accountant – different accountants have different attitude and attack on matters. With this in mind, the only way to know it is by asking things directly to your prospect on how they can handle tax issues.
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Question number 4. How you are billing your services – there are several accountants who charge on hourly basis while some charge flat bill rate. So, you must ask the accountant you plan to hire regarding their billing procedures. It is highly recommended if you are going to grab a copy of your tax returns from the accountant in order to have the right quotation of the cost of service.
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Question number 5. Can you give references and names of your clients – in knowing more about the tax accountant that you’re planning to hire, getting references as well as reviews from past clients can help you a lot. In addition to that, there are professional associations that you can visit to, which will tell if there are any complaints or issues that have been field towards the accountant. Question number 6. How you can manage working on multiple entities – in the event that you have multiple bodies, then it is crucial that you hire an accountant who can manage all of it. Not every accountant has this skill so this question is something that you should not forget to ask. To be able to ensure that you will come up with a smart decision, be sure that you make yourself aware of these questions.