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Finding the Right Style for Wedding Photos

Hiring a wedding photographer comes along with a rigorous decision making process. Your photographer’s personality is certainly one thing to take into account. A wedding photographer’s level of experience and their general pricing methods will surely have an impact on one’s decision. Style, however, is the factor one should hold first and foremost. Your wedding will be one of the most important moments of your life. The type of photos taken to represent this day are paramount to fostering good memories. That said, it is prudent for one to contemplate the styles of photography that are available.

The first style many will want to consider is known as portraiture. Like those of your parent’s wedding, photos taken in this style will exude a sense of tradition. Classic areas will be chosen for photos to be taken, in traditional poses. In essence, this is the style you will choose if you are looking to remember your wedding in a more time-honored, customary fashion. For this style, you will want to hire a photographer who specializes in portraiture.

Second, there is the style known as fine art to think about. This type of photography will have much less strict and formal posing. As opposed to traditional photos, this style will bring about a more natural blend of your wedding mixed with human moments. These photos will be beautiful and dramatic, with blurred backgrounds and very human qualities. Before getting into a deal with a fine art style photographer, make sure you have seen their previous work, because this style is very much influenced by the individual’s perspective and artistic choices. If you still want some traditional photos, it might be best to hire two different photographers, unless you find one who is proficient in both areas.

The final style you might want to ponder is referred to as edgy, or bold photography. Photos taken in this style will definitely challenge one’s notion of wedding photography. The edgy style will use tilts and angles to include other items or backgrounds as superficial focuses, while still incorporating the bride and groom as the artistic centerpiece. It could be a picture taken above the bride and groom as they eat with a focus on the first bite of cake–this style will wow and impress the artistically inclined for sure. As such, you will want to explore the styles of several photographers who specialize in this genre.

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is not something to be overlooked. All that occurs in the beauty of your big moment should be captured as such. Be sure to decide on what sort of photos you want to look upon in remembrance. Having more than one photographer is certainly an option one can take into account.