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Don’t Let Business Pass You By: Why You Should Consider A Credit Card Machine It has been nearly one hundred years since the first credit cards were issued, but it would take decades for them to catch on as an everyday form of payment. Here we are decades later and still not everyone has the ability to process credit cards. If you run a small business chances are you have or will run into the issue of being capable of accepting credit cards. It is not uncommon, today, for individuals to do their shopping with a credit or debit card rather than cash. Rather than missing out on all that business, consider purchasing a credit card machine. If you are a small business owner looking to expand your base and attract customers, all you need is the ability to accept credit. Many options are available to lease a credit card machine for a monthly fee. Besides this and processing fees, the cost of a credit card machine is minimal. Processing is relatively cheap, usually around one percent of the total purchase. While these fees might not be worth it to very small operations, more often than not the fees are worth it. There are various options for accepting credit cards nowadays. If only a small percentage of your sales will likely use a credit card you can simply download an app and run cards by typing in the card number.You can also buy an attachment for your mobile device that allows you to swipe cards, saving time.If you are opening up a restaurant or small business that will deal with more credit transactions, you may want to go in a different direction.
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In this case you should buy a credit card terminal. Wireless credit card processing is available as well if you work in more remote areas. These machines are slightly more expensive, but are also more dependable than the phone option. They also cost less in processing fees in most situations.
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You can take advantage of clientele that doesn’t carry cash by getting a credit card machine. While carrying cash can be convenient it can also be risky. Most people don’t like to walk around with too much cash. A wallet full of cash is unlikely to be recovered and could mean serious monetary loss. A wallet full of credit cards, however, does not warrant panic when lost, as the cards can be easily cancelled and replaced. You should never let yourself be outpaced by the competition just because you didn’t want to accept credit cards. The capability to grow your business and follow your passion is enhanced by the use of a portable credit card processor. If you run a small business and hope to continue growing and expanding your customer base credit card machines are a must. Give credit card machines a try.