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Different Reasons Why Men Experience Erectile Dysfunction

If people could not easily reach and also maintain an erection during love making then they are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Most men are embarrassed when they get to experience this often and it can easily have a bad effect to their relationship with their loved one and can also be frustrating. There are surely a number of causes of erectile dysfunction which men gets to experience at least once in their life when they do love making with their loved ones.

One of the very first causes of erectile dysfunction that old men are suffering from endocrine diseases, this is because of the reason that the endocrine system makes hormones that can affect metabolism and sexual performance. Diabetes is one of these endocrine diseases which is the cause of erectile dysfunction, it can influence the ability of the body to use insulin. Men can have nerve damage which can affect the sensation of their genitals, this disease can also affect the flow of blood to their male parts and decrease their hormone levels that can cause erectile dysfunction.

The next cause of erectile dysfunction is when the common male have neurological disorders, this can easily increase the chances of men to obtain erectile dysfunction. When men have neurological disorders, it can easily affect the ability of the brain to be in touch with their reproductive system and this can cause erectile dysfunction. Other types of neurological disorders which can affect men to maintain an erection is usually Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and finally stroke.

The next cause of erectile dysfunction is due to the medications that they get to take, these meds can get to affect the usual blood flow to their private parts. Most of these medications are usually cardiac meds, chemotherapy meds for cancer patients, central nervous system depressants and stimulant medications. The next cause of erectile dysfunction is the different cardiac related problems that men would get to suffer when they get old, this is due to the fact it can easily affect the blood pumping to their private parts.

When men are suffering from different emotional problems like depressants and stress, it can easily be the cause of erectile dysfunction of men. When men are having problems with their emotions, this problem can easily affect their overall ability to be excited when they make love to their loved ones. Erectile dysfunction is a very serious problem for a number of men nowadays, they can easily avoid of suffering long term damage because of this problem by knowing if they are predispose to have one.

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