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Tips for Setting and Achieving Realistic Goals

Everyone should be able to make decisions based on what is important to them and work based on the said decisions. This is possible only if you have certain goals. It is important to have a plan that you can follow through on a daily basis. Fortunately, there is a way that you can set goals that you can always look back to.

Goals are important for any person striving to attain a level of self-actualization. By creating goals, people can determine how their future will turn out. With goals, chances are that you will work towards specific growth components.

Differentiate reality from wishes

Most people can achieve many things in life because of the dreams they have. This is because human beings can stretch beyond their limits when they feel that something is worthwhile despite the difficulties involved. The problem with dreams is that investing too much in them could lead to the loss of reality. You need to figure out the challenges that must be resolved, work out potential solutions and focus on the desirable outcomes. You need to start by making a single step at a time.

Determine your ideal outcome

This is something that will help keep you within a realistic goal-setting zone. Knowing the possible result of the goals you are setting is the best way to achieve them. It is important to gauge your progress every step of the way based on the outcome you expect. This will help you correct any mistakes that you may be making along the way.


It is possible to achieve anything if you have all the time at your disposal. Even so, real success is identified when you can achieve your success within certain limits. It is important to have time limits that you can use to achieve your goals. Also, these are important for preventing distractions. You need to focus on the important things first.

Accountability matters

Accountability is crucial for successful goal achievement. You need to set ground rules that keep you focused. Set some form of punishment that will apply when you fail to accomplish your goals within a certain period. Ensure it is something that is valuable enough to make you feel the pinch every time you go against your goals. Such dedication will ensure that you are always on course to your greater goal.


It is important to have a group of like-minded people say two or three people within your circles. Take advantage of the collective intelligence that these people have. You are likely to set realistic goals and pursue them when you have people pushing you to do the same.

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