Your Car Accident Lawsuit Is in Good Hands

When you have been seriously injured in an auto accident and also the other person was indeed driving while impaired, you’ll want to seek the services of an attorney at law immediately. Lots of people are under the presumption this type of automobile accident is equivalent to virtually any car accident, however there are numerous differences. The main difference among the two is that the person who was driving under the influence was basically engaging in a crime when they hit you, as opposed to just being negligent. In addition to sustaining damage during this auto accident, lots of individuals discover themselves having powerful feelings about the man or woman driving the other motor vehicle. This could factor into the award an individual receives as a result of the accident. People who find themselves in this situation will want to rely on The Law Offices of Dan Newlin – Chicago, IL. Dan Newlin started his career as an EMT and has personally seen the damage caused by car accidents. In addition, Newlin performed as a deputy sheriff for a short time, so he is very knowledgeable about the law from a variety of angles. Customers find Newlin’s knowledge of these distinct fields enables him to construct a powerful case. This is just what you need if you have been seriously injured through the actions of another person, so call his firm right now for your no charge appointment. As soon as you do, you will have peace of mind knowing your car accident claim is being handled properly.